The Abbot Home

About Us

The Abbot HomeThe history of The Abbot Home begins in 1912, when a former Zanesville merchant, B.F. Abbot, left $40,000 in his will for the establishment of a men's home. As this was not enough to open and operate a home, a board of trustees consisting of area businessmen manageed the money, which accumulated interest and other donations from the community. When Mrs. N.S. Chandler left her home and land on Greenwood Avenue, and the $125,000 to the trustees upon her death, The Abbot Home became a reality and opened its doors in 1947. Thanks to the generosity and support of the community, The Abbot Home has experienced continued growth and success over the years.

Today The Abbot Home is still a non-profit organization operated by a board of trustees. In 2001, The Abbot Home began accepting women for residence. Today, women comprise half the resident population

Our Mission

The Abbot Home employees and board of trustees share a commitment to offer residents an array of services designed to enhance retirement lifestyles and extend the ability to live independently.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss any vacancies that we may have at this time.